Minimalism Designing

As its name implies, minimalism is of course a very elegant style but it is not an absence of design. After Second World War Minimalism began with western art most strongly with American Visual arts in the 1960s and early 1970s. It is so intense and dense ornamentation that it had begun to undermine the […]

How to better utilize Facebook’s features for your marketing effort?

Facebook page is free and simple to create. Once created, it will become a focal marketing channel for your business to build your increase brand awareness and future sales generation. How to correctly set up your Facebook? Depending on category of your business, your page will feature different set up options based on the nature […]

The Most Useless Websites In The Internet

You might think about opening a business and thus making a website to give it a presence online right? Well think again. People don’t really make websites only for their business, portfolio or some other conventional use. Some of these creative people from the internet has created websites to only feed their ego and to […]

Web Design Trends For 2017

Last year in 2016, we had seen a lot of amazing stuffs in the field of web design. And what else is waiting for us  to be trending in 2017? Let’s check out the rest of our predictions. 1. Dedicated Landing Page Than Homepage: Instead of a homepage design, we will see a rise of landing […]

6 Reasons Your Website Should Be In WordPress

WordPress is one the most used CMS Platform. Though WordPress is mainly known for blogging but you can create almost any kind of website using it. Here we explain 6 reasons to use WordPress for your website.