Minimalism Designing

As its name implies, minimalism is of course a very elegant style but it is not an absence of design. After Second World War Minimalism began with western art most strongly with American Visual arts in the 1960s and early 1970s. It is so intense and dense ornamentation that it had begun to undermine the function of the object is touched. Minimalism can be described as the cleaning away all the unnecessary elements and focusing on what needs to be there. In a sense of designing it is to reduce to its necessary elements. Minimalistic design has been highly influenced by Japanese traditional design and architecture.

History of Minimalism:

Minimalist started in the early 20th century with architecture. Architect Van der Rohe was one of the first prominent architects who used principles in his designs that came to exemplify minimalist design. The reason minimalist architecture started taking off was the availability of modern materials: glass, concrete, steel. Another architect Buckminster Fuller designing domes using simple geometric shapes that still stand and look modern today. The focus on simplicity spilled over into painting, interior design, fashion, and music. That’s how the following were formed and are now commonplace: minimal painting, minimal music, the minimalism school of composing, and so forth.

Flavors of Minimalism:

Here are five flavors of minimalism we’ve seen:

1. The Essentialist:

Essentialist philosophy impose a “less, but better” aspect. Do fewer things, but do them well. Own fewer things, but choose something that will last. Essentialism a minimalism which targets quality, not quantity.

2. The Experientialist:

Instead of embracing materialism, experientialist gathers experiences. Experientialists invest in memories and free up resources for activities rather than things.

3. The Enoughist:

Enoughism describes minimalism in terms of having enough, not having it all. The enoughist finds peace in voluntarily using enough — and no more — in any category: food, clothing, home size, storage space, flashing links in your sidebar. Enough looks different from person to person.

4. The Eco-Minimalist:

Ecological minimalism pursues a low consumption of life in order to reduce its impact on the Earth. The focus is less on the benefits of a single family, while the biggest environmental landscape.

5. The Soul Minimalist:

The soul minimalist cherishes stillness of soul, and works to keep mental and spiritual clutter to a minimum. Quiet, mindful, still and listening to the practice here is very important.


From the designer’s perspective the minimalist design style is often the most impressive and best designed corporate identity around. In the business world that is full of over the top logos, designs with the most simple and effective designs often stand out the most.

How to better utilize Facebook’s features for your marketing effort?

Facebook page is free and simple to create. Once created, it will become a focal marketing channel for your business to build your increase brand awareness and future sales generation.

How to correctly set up your Facebook?

Depending on category of your business, your page will feature different set up options based on the nature of your business. For example, the Facebook page for a local restaurant will have settings like opening time, but the same setting will not be available for a brand’s page. Once this is done, you can work on the description and contact information of your page. Make sure you fill this out since this will give your page a more professional look.

What are some strategic features you should know about?

Just by creating your Facebook page, you have made the first step towards a more active digital presence. However, before you get started, there are some other features you take advantage of to elevate your business’ performance on Facebook.

  • Cover photo: Make sure your cover photo reflects what you do. This is the billboard and first impression of your business when the first interaction is made by visitors. You can use it to showcase products or reinforce your branding, but it has to reflect what you do and what people can expect from you.

  • Pinning: This basically takes a piece of content that you’ve posted on your timeline and keeps it at the top of your page, so any posts that you post from now on will go below this post. What this does is a more organic way for you to push a message, product, or news to your current traffic and new visitors from campaigns. Considering rotating the pinned post, so it always brings the sense of update to your page visitors.

  • Milestones: The milestone feature is less obvious than the other ones. This allows to re-create the history of your product or business on your page. You have the options to include handline, location, year and date, short description, as well as images. Another reason to work on the milestone posts is that each post you do will appear on the timelines of your followers as a new post, so you are also communicating with your followers by filling out the milestones section.

  • Events: If your business has regular local or digital events, then you should not miss this feature on Facebook. As admin of the page, you can create event box on the page showcasing the details of the event (time, location, schedule, and other details). Post this in advance of your event, so you can keep track of the number of people signed up to your events and how the social participation is converted into physical attendance of the event.

The Most Useless Websites In The Internet

You might think about opening a business and thus making a website to give it a presence online right? Well think again. People don’t really make websites only for their business, portfolio or some other conventional use. Some of these creative people from the internet has created websites to only feed their ego and to do so they crafted some of the most Useless Websites that you may come across in the internet.

These are some of the most Useless Websites in the Internet.

Staggering Beauty

If you’re the kind of person who likes to do absolutely nothing but move your mouse around for a while (Let’s face it, we’ve all done that.) Then this is probably going to be the best Most Useless Website for you. Ever wanted to see an epileptic worm going on a crazy frenzy? Well now you can!

Useless Website - Staggering Beauty


Get Lucky!

Well I must admit that this isn’t completely useless. I wonder why I was starting at the screen for 10 mins straight looking at a guy having a whack at Daft Punk. But none the less, this is by far one of the most captivating Useless Website.

Useless Website - Get Lucky


Can’t Tweet This!

For all you Twitter lovers out there, this is a challenge. Honestly, this is one of the most useless website out there. This website challenges you to Tweet this. Let see if you can actually Tweet this. I’ll tell you something. IT IS POSSIBLE. Let’s see if you can figure out how this can be done.
Useless Website - Can't Tweet This

Heeeey! Hooo!

Want to say HI to a friend in a different way? This will take you back to your college memories when we didn’t care about the formalities to say hi to anyone. Let’s just sit back and enjoy the continuous loop of heey’s and hoo’s. Yet, another useless website that will give you some fun time at least.

Useless Websites - Heeey! Hooo!


Cat Bounce

This is for all those cat loves out there. Let’s face it, some of us are overly attached with our fellow pets who often don’t even care about us. Nonetheless they are adorable and soft. This website is your chance to see these furballs bouncing all over the screen.

Useless Website - Cat Bounce



Ever had that feeling that you’re falling and you can’t get a hold of anything? We all have. When we’re going downhill we get that feeling, sometimes we lucidly dream about falling and BOOM we wake up and realize that it was just a dream. This website will give you that funny feeling in your stomach if you continuously stare at it.

Useless Website - Fallingfalling


Pointer Pointer

Useless yet fun. This is one of the most useless websites out there but nonetheless you’ll find yourself moving your mouse around just to see what comes up next! This ones truly a treat.

Useless Website - PointerPointer


Other Noteworthy Mentions:

  1. Move Now Think Later
  3. Duck are the best
  4. Sanger 
  5. Everydayim
  6. Onemillionlols
  7. Iloveyoulikeafatladylikesapples 

From all the websites, which ones did you like the most? Do let us know! In the coming future we’ll be posting lots of other awesome content like this. Hope you guys had fun reading the blog. – Webfactory Team


Web Design Trends For 2017

Last year in 2016, we had seen a lot of amazing stuffs in the field of web design. And what else is waiting for us  to be trending in 2017? Let’s check out the rest of our predictions.

1. Dedicated Landing Page Than Homepage:

Instead of a homepage design, we will see a rise of landing page design throughout 2017. As content marketing is spreading at a higher speed we think that marketers will want to get direct traffic to their dedicated landing pages and the landing pages will target the visitors much more than before.

2. Geometric Shapes And Patterns:

In the later part of 2016, we had seen that geometric shapes and patterns have taken off and we are confident that it will be the web design trend in 2017. We already found that there are nearly infinite ways to integrate geometric shapes and patterns in a website and it plays a heavy role to take the website to the next level. We can expect to see lots of geometric shapes and patterns in DSP SA’s developed websites throughout 2017.

3. Increased Use Of Animation And GIFs:

Animation can be used in a website to show the visitors how things work or how to do something. Though GIF is a smaller version of animation but nowadays we are seeing that GIFs are becoming more attractive and sophisticated. Besides around the world, web developers are using CSS to create animations on their websites and the number is in rising day by day. We can anticipate that using animations and GIFs will be the web design trend in 2017.

4. Continuing Virtual Reality (VR):

Virtual Reality (VR) was the hot cake of the late 2016 and it will be used in an extensive way in 2017 we can say for sure. Already there are a lot of devices entered the market to experience Virtual Reality (VR) and as the price is going to be affordable day by day, it will definitely reach into websites. Microsoft already starts implementing it to their Health Website. You will need to be ready to design for it as Webfactory Global team is on its way. We can say Virtual Reality (VR) will be the most talked design element of this year and it will be trending in 2017.

5. Parallax To The Next Level:

Parallax scrolling effect was on top of the web design trend in 2016 and the trend will continue with more highlights. The goal of every design is to introduce something more natural and there will be no exception about Parallax. The multi directional scrolling effect will make the visitors to want more.

Last but not least…

6. Richer Typography:

Typography is a bigger player in both web design and for good reason. When it comes to talking or writing something about typography first thing we can say “A word can speak a thousand words”. According to Nielson Study, The amount of time the average American spends on electronic media per day is 10 hours 39 minutes that is almost the half of a person’s day basically where they spend their time watching typography. Over the last two years designers were using different kinds of typefaces and now they are willing to work with contrast serif typefaces with the non serif ones. Already a lot of effects, images, and videos are being placed in texts and it will go to the next level in 2017.


From dedicated landing page to Virtual Reality (VR), parallax effects to richer typography, geometric shapes to animations these things will be trending throughout the year.

6 Reasons Your Website Should Be In WordPress

WordPress is one of the most used CMS Platform. Though WordPress is mainly known for blogging but you can create almost any kind of website using it. Here we explain 6 reasons to use WordPress for your website.

1 – Open Source

WordPress is an open source platform. This means, a very big global community of experts are continuously working to develop and maintain the platform. WordPress, the platform itself is free of charge to use, maintain and update.

2 – 3 out of 10 website is made in WordPress

WordPress powers almost 28% of the world’s website. So there is a huge community, web developers, designers and lots of resources are at your disposal for your new website.

3 – Easy as using a Word Processor

WordPress websites are very easy to update and maintain. You do not need to learn any programming to update your website’s contents or hire a developer. If you can use a word processor like Microsoft Word, you can update your website as well.

4 – Look and Functionality

You do not need to worry about your website’s look and functionality. Besides, a lot of WordPress developers, you have a pool of 10000s pre made theme and plugins both free and premium.

5 – Good for eCommerce

WordPress CMS can be used as an eCommerce platform as well. Infact a very good one. WordPress plugins like WooCommerce can give you every functionality that your online store needs.

6 – Updates and Security

WordPress releases security patches and updates regularly. Also individual plugins and themes get updates from the authors. You don’t have to worry about new security threats and vulnerabilities, plus you’ll get new features almost every a month or two.