How to better utilize Facebook’s features for your marketing effort?

Facebook page is free and simple to create. Once created, it will become a focal marketing channel for your business to build your increase brand awareness and future sales generation.

How to correctly set up your Facebook?

Depending on category of your business, your page will feature different set up options based on the nature of your business. For example, the Facebook page for a local restaurant will have settings like opening time, but the same setting will not be available for a brand’s page. Once this is done, you can work on the description and contact information of your page. Make sure you fill this out since this will give your page a more professional look.

What are some strategic features you should know about?

Just by creating your Facebook page, you have made the first step towards a more active digital presence. However, before you get started, there are some other features you take advantage of to elevate your business’ performance on Facebook.

  • Cover photo: Make sure your cover photo reflects what you do. This is the billboard and first impression of your business when the first interaction is made by visitors. You can use it to showcase products or reinforce your branding, but it has to reflect what you do and what people can expect from you.

  • Pinning: This basically takes a piece of content that you’ve posted on your timeline and keeps it at the top of your page, so any posts that you post from now on will go below this post. What this does is a more organic way for you to push a message, product, or news to your current traffic and new visitors from campaigns. Considering rotating the pinned post, so it always brings the sense of update to your page visitors.

  • Milestones: The milestone feature is less obvious than the other ones. This allows to re-create the history of your product or business on your page. You have the options to include handline, location, year and date, short description, as well as images. Another reason to work on the milestone posts is that each post you do will appear on the timelines of your followers as a new post, so you are also communicating with your followers by filling out the milestones section.

  • Events: If your business has regular local or digital events, then you should not miss this feature on Facebook. As admin of the page, you can create event box on the page showcasing the details of the event (time, location, schedule, and other details). Post this in advance of your event, so you can keep track of the number of people signed up to your events and how the social participation is converted into physical attendance of the event.