Web Design Trends For 2017

Last year in 2016, we had seen a lot of amazing stuffs in the field of web design. And what else is waiting for us  to be trending in 2017? Let’s check out the rest of our predictions.

1. Dedicated Landing Page Than Homepage:

Instead of a homepage design, we will see a rise of landing page design throughout 2017. As content marketing is spreading at a higher speed we think that marketers will want to get direct traffic to their dedicated landing pages and the landing pages will target the visitors much more than before.

2. Geometric Shapes And Patterns:

In the later part of 2016, we had seen that geometric shapes and patterns have taken off and we are confident that it will be the web design trend in 2017. We already found that there are nearly infinite ways to integrate geometric shapes and patterns in a website and it plays a heavy role to take the website to the next level. We can expect to see lots of geometric shapes and patterns in DSP SA’s developed websites throughout 2017.

3. Increased Use Of Animation And GIFs:

Animation can be used in a website to show the visitors how things work or how to do something. Though GIF is a smaller version of animation but nowadays we are seeing that GIFs are becoming more attractive and sophisticated. Besides around the world, web developers are using CSS to create animations on their websites and the number is in rising day by day. We can anticipate that using animations and GIFs will be the web design trend in 2017.

4. Continuing Virtual Reality (VR):

Virtual Reality (VR) was the hot cake of the late 2016 and it will be used in an extensive way in 2017 we can say for sure. Already there are a lot of devices entered the market to experience Virtual Reality (VR) and as the price is going to be affordable day by day, it will definitely reach into websites. Microsoft already starts implementing it to their Health Website. You will need to be ready to design for it as Webfactory Global team is on its way. We can say Virtual Reality (VR) will be the most talked design element of this year and it will be trending in 2017.

5. Parallax To The Next Level:

Parallax scrolling effect was on top of the web design trend in 2016 and the trend will continue with more highlights. The goal of every design is to introduce something more natural and there will be no exception about Parallax. The multi directional scrolling effect will make the visitors to want more.

Last but not least…

6. Richer Typography:

Typography is a bigger player in both web design and for good reason. When it comes to talking or writing something about typography first thing we can say “A word can speak a thousand words”. According to Nielson Study, The amount of time the average American spends on electronic media per day is 10 hours 39 minutes that is almost the half of a person’s day basically where they spend their time watching typography. Over the last two years designers were using different kinds of typefaces and now they are willing to work with contrast serif typefaces with the non serif ones. Already a lot of effects, images, and videos are being placed in texts and it will go to the next level in 2017.


From dedicated landing page to Virtual Reality (VR), parallax effects to richer typography, geometric shapes to animations these things will be trending throughout the year.

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